Love Caviar Club

About Us

Love Caviar Club is a company created by and for caviar connoisseurs. We understand and value caviar, one of nature’s most  luxurious and purest resources.  Our products are the highest grade of gourmet caviar and we are excited to make them available to you.
We live and breathe caviar, and we are on a mission to share this passion with others.  


All of our caviar products contain exactly 2 ingredients: caviar and salt.  No preservatives, no chemicals, and no junk in an effort to preserve freshness or enhance flavor. 
-We sell only authentic Malossol caviar, Malossol refers to caviar that has very little salt which means that our products are minimally salted. While it’s common for Malossol to be within the 3-5% salt range, we produce products with a minimal, just 3% salt, to maintain taste and freshness
-We use custom-made refrigerator units to maintain the optimal temperatures to ensure freshness
-Our caviar is never frozen.  With innovative shipping methods, the caviar is maintained fresh throughout the entire supply chain
-We monitor entire production process. Each of our suppliers is assigned a designated person from Love Caviar Club to oversee the production, preservation and shipping. This allows us to stay on top of the quality and deliver the best products to our clients.