Love Caviar Club

What is Caviar 

True caviar is salted roe that only comes from the sturgeon family, a prehistoric fish located in the Northern hemisphere anywhere from North America to China.  The three most notable sturgeon species are  Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga sturgeons. Please note that roe from any other fish -- including pike, paddlefish, salmon and alike is not technically caviar. 

Benefits of Eating Caviar 

You already know that caviar is a decadent food, but did you know that it’s super healthy as well? It is packed with so many nutrients that it can naturally replace many chemically produced supplements. Caviar is a source of vitamins and minerals, including omega 3, which helps to promote a healthy nervous, circulatory and immune system. One serving of caviar has an adult's daily requirement of Vitamin B12. Other nutrients included are vitamins A, E, B6, Iron, Magnesium and Selenium. Caviar is also known to lower blood pressure, aid to prevent hears attacks, protect against viruses, generate hemoglobin, have antidepressant effect, act as an anti stress and anti-migraine prevention.